The Salons

Spicer Mansion was originally created as a place for entertainment. The house was restored to reflect the generous and hospitable nature of its namesake, Captain Elihu Spicer.

Conceived on a generous scale for receiving guests, Spicer Mansion combines magnificence and intimacy in its Salons. From the two large parlors gracing the front of the house and more intimate Gold Salon at its heart, to the Belvedere offering 360-degree views from atop the Mansion, the Salons provide a glorious backdrop to your stay.

At Spicer Mansion, formality is blended with ease and enjoyment. Guests are invited to enjoy these splendid interiors, decorated with maritime art and antiques from around the world, in the same spirit of refined elegance as visitors to the house in Captain Spicer’s day.

Enjoy a book in front of the fire or a card game by the window. The salons are the perfect place to relax or enjoy a bite to eat.


History of the Pineapple

A master entertainer, Captain Spicer welcomed family and friends to his summer estate, often putting out pineapples to make his guests feel welcome. The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality, since the days of the early American colonies. Sea captains of New England, who sailed among the Caribbean Islands, returned to the colonies bearing their cargo of fruits, spices and rum. According to the legend, the captain would spear a pineapple outside his home to let his friends know of his safe return from sea. The pineapple was an invitation for them to visit, share his food and drink, and listen to tales of his voyage.